Blue Chip
Choreographed By:
Emmitt & Gloria Nelson
3758 Wozniak Rd.
Michigan City, In.46360
Phone: (219)-872-5080
4 Wall Partner Dance, Same Footwork
Tandem - Man Behind Lady - His L And Her L Hands On 
Her L Hip. R Hand To R Hand Extended Slightly Forward.
"There Goes" by Alan Jackson
"She's Taking It Well" by Kevin Sharp

Counts     Step Descriptions
Forward Touch - Back Touch
1-4  Step Forward R, Touch L, Step Back L, Touch R
Lady Does 360 Degree Turn R Into Side By Side Position
Man-Step R-L-R, Touch L In Place
Lady-Man Will Raise Lady's R Arm, Drop L, As She
Turns 360 Degrees To Her R. Man Will Pick Up L
Hand In Side By Side Position
Step Forward L, Touch R Step Back R, Touch L
Lady's 360 Degree L Turn (Tulip Turn) Back In Front Of Man
Step L-R-L-Touch R
Lady-Man Will Lift Both Hands Up And She Will Turn
360 Degrees, Turning To Her L, Ending Back In
Front Of Man. Both Hands Come Down To Lady's Shoulders.
L To L, R To R.
Step Forward R, Touch L, Step Back L, Touch R
Man's 1/2 Turn L. Lady's 1/2 Turn R
Man Will Lift Lady's L Hand Lower R, Turning Lady
1/2 Turn To Her R, As He Is Turning 1/2 Turn To
His L. Lady Will End Up Behind Man, L Hands On Man's L
Shoulder, R Hands On Man's R Shoulder
Step Forward L, Touch R, Step Back R, Touch L
Man's 1/2 Turn L. Lady's 1/2 Turn R
Man Will Lift Lady's R Hand And Lower L, As He
Turns 1/2 Turn L And Lady Turns 1/2 Turn R, Into Side By Side Position
Man's R Vine-Lady's Cross Behind
Man Will Drop L Hand And Lift R Hand, As He Vines
To His R (Small Steps) As Man Lifts R Hand, Lady
Will Step Back On R, Step  L To L Side, Crossing
Behind Man, To His L Side, Lady Steps Forward R
And Touches L. Man's R Arm Will Be Behind His Back. Man
Will Pick Up Lady's L Hand With His L Hand In Front Of Lady
Man's 1/4 L Turn & Lady's 3/4 R Turn
Step L-R-L, Touch R
Man Will Drop R Hand And Pull Slightly On Lady's L
Hand, Helping Her Start Her 3/4 Turn R, As Lady Is
Turning, Man Will Turn 1/4 Turn L. Hands Return To
Lady's L Hip. You Should Be Back In Starting Position.

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