Carolionel Waltz
Dedicated to Carolyn & Lionel for Their Special Day in May
Choreographed By:
Diane Jackson- [Arjjaze Country Western Dancers] 023 9250 4936
   05/01 - --
Partner Circle Waltz in Right Side by Side Position
Someone must feel Like a Fool tonight - Kenny Rogers 
Love You Every Second - Charlie Landsborough 
Counts Step Descriptions
Basic twinkles moving forward
Step left over right at diagonal right, step right to right side, step left next to right
Step right over left at diagonal left, step left to left side, step right next to left
Full Turning basic, [ turning 1/2 left, 1/2 turn left]
   Release Right Hands
Step fwd on left, right, left, both turning 1/2 turn left, to end facing RLOD
Step back on right left right, both turning 1/2 turn left to end facing LOD
   Rejoin hands in Side by side
Basic waltz forward
Step fwd on left, right, left
Step fwd on right, left, right
Rock step, 1/4 turn left, Weave
   Man takes Right arm over Lady’s head [Reverse Indian] facing ILOD lady behind man
Rock fwd on left, recover onto right, step left to left side turning 1/4 turn left 
Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right behind left
1/4 turn left, Step pivot, 1/2 turn left,  Weave, 1/4 turn right
  Release Right hands, Raise left, 
Step left, turning 1/4 turn left RLOD  Pick up Rt hands, Step fwd on right pivot 1/2 turn left, LOD
   Release Left hands, Take right over lady’s head, Rejoin hands in Reverse Indian position
Step fwd right turning 1/4 left ILOD lady behind man, 
Step left behind right, Release Left hands raise right step 1/4 turn right LOD
 Man - Basic Waltz Forward Lady - Three step full turn Right
Step fwd left, right, left Turning Full turn right on L R L
    Rejoin hands in Side by Side Position
Step fwd right ,left, right Step fwd right ,left, right
1/4 turn Right, Step Rock Step, Step Rock Step [ Extend Arms for Style - angle body ]  
Turn 1/4 right on left, OLOD  cross right behind left, recover onto left
Step right to right side, cross left behind right, recover onto right
 Man - Left grapevine [ Release Left Hands ]  Lady - Three step full turn Left
Step left to left side, right behind left, left to left side Turning full turn left on L R L
    Both 1/4 turn left into LOD & Resume Side By Side Position
Step 1/4 turn left on right, Into LOD Step 1/4 turn Lt on Rt, Into LOD
step fwd on left, right step fwd on left, right
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