Choreographed By Nancy Plummer

Couples dance: Start in sweetheart position,

Music: (Learning: "Down At The Old Corral", Randy Travis)
(Dancing: "Big Heart", Gibson Miller, "I Don't Need The
Booze", Alan Jackson)

  1-2 Right heel forward, together
  3-4 Left heel forward, together
  5-6 Heel splits
  7-8 Heel splits

 9-10 Left heel forward, stomp back in place
11-12 Left step forward, slide right next to left
13-14 Left step forward, stomp right next to left
15-18 Vine right, stomp left
19-20 Heel splits
21-22 Heel splits
23-24 Step forward left, pivot 1/2 turn right (facing back LOD)
       (couple has reversed side-by-side position, the lady is on the man's left)
25-26 Left shuffle
27-28 Right shuffle
29-30 Left shuffle
31-34 Vine right, hitch left
35-36 Step down on left, hitch right, making 1/4 turn tol eft
37-38 Step down on right, hitch left, making 1/4 turn to left
       (facing LOD) (have returned to original position without dropping hands)
39-41 Left vine (left to side, right behind, left to side)
   42 Right cross over in front of left
   43 Left cross over in front of right
   44 Step right side.
   45 Left cross behind
   46 Step right together
47-48 Left step forward, slide right foot up
49-50 Left step forward, scuff right forward
   51 Right shuffle
   52 Left shuffle
   53 Right shuffle
   54 Left shuffle


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